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Coming Through!
1 August 2015

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Sunny Bridge
4 June 2015

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Woman in Yellow
6 May 2015

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4 May 2015

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28 February 2015

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Blue Heron
11 October 2014

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Light and Shadow
21 March 2014

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Orange Glow
3 March 2013

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Evening Sail
8 May 2012

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Bracelets for Sale
4 May 2012

Recent Comments

L'Angevine on Darkness is Coming
Belle lumière

Elaine Hancock on Darkness is Coming
A beautiful view. The color in the sky is gorgeous!

L'Angevine on Boats on Shem

Luca Bobbiesi on Boats on Shem
Fantastic shot!

L'Angevine on Baby Egret on Shem

L'Angevine on Summer Beauty

L'Angevine on Dusk on the Bridge

L'Angevine on Sunset at the Bridge
Superbe ce pont

L'Angevine on The Yorktown

L'Angevine on A Rose for Me

L'Angevine on Silver Sky
Intéressant nuages

L'Angevine on Gentle Flower
oh génial

L'Angevine on Outdoor Fire Pit

L'Angevine on Marsh View : Last of the Summer Days

L'Angevine on Island Living
bien intéressant

L'Angevine on Live Web Site
oh magnifique

Elaine Hancock on Live Web Site
A lovely image of this garden spider. The web is beautiful! Fabulous color and detail!

L'Angevine on Home on the River

L'Angevine on Umber Sunset

omid on Umber Sunset
very nice shot with beautiful composition, clouds, colors & lights! Lovely sky!

L'angevine on Orange sky
bien beau

L'Angevine on The Eyes Have It!
bien les yeux

L'Angevine on Afternoon Park

Luca Bobbiesi on The Eyes Have It!
beautiful eyes

L'Angevine on House Among the Oaks

Luca Bobbiesi on House Among the Oaks

L'Angevine on Reeds

L'angevine on Coming Through!
oh génial

L'angevine on Calm on the Water
bien vu

L'angevine on Here Comes the Sun

Luca Bobbiesi on Here Comes the Sun
nice little sun

L'angevine on Happy Birthday to Me!

Elaine Hancock on Happy Birthday to Me!
A fabulous image! Happy Birthday!

Luca Bobbiesi on Happy Birthday to Me!
nice shadows

Robert D. Burr on Happy Birthday to Me!
All the best to you.

L'angevine on Unity Chain in Charleston

Elaine Hancock on Unity Chain in Charleston
A great documentary image! Something wonderful to be a part of in tribute to the people who were killed.

L'angevine on Roses on Monday

L'angevine on Flowers on Sunday

L'angevine on Park Flowers

Elaine Hancock on Park Flowers
A gorgeous image! Such beautiful flowers!

L'angevine on Osprey Nest
bien dans la nidification électrisée et réchauffée

L'angevine on Quite a Pair
bien dans ce chemin

L'Angevine on Flowers in Residence

L'Angevine on Distant Night Bridge

L'Angevine on Night Bridge

DarkElf on Night Bridge
Fine vision and idea for this photo!

L'Angevine on Sunset Sail
bien agréable

L'Angevine on Snickerdoodle Cake

Elaine Hancock on Snickerdoodle Cake
Looks yummy!

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