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29 July 2014

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26 July 2014

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Light and Shadow
21 March 2014

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Busy Pier
24 February 2014

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A Gaggle of Geese!
5 August 2013

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Friday Night Lights
31 July 2013

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Orange Glow
3 March 2013

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Evening Sail
8 May 2012

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Bracelets for Sale
4 May 2012

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3 March 2012

Recent Comments

Langevine on Serenity
ben même avec le mauvais temps,c'est agréable aussi comme ça

Ellebasi on Serenity
une façon originale de profiter des bienfaits de l'eau

Langevine on Sunbeams at the Days End

Langevine on Under the Folly Beach Pier
oh superbe

Langevine on Sunset

Langevine on Lonely Boat at Sunset

Langevine on Big Sky

Langevine on Sunset on the Ashley River III

omid on Sunset on the Ashley River III
very nice shot with beautiful composition, clouds, colors, lighting & reflections! Lovely sunset!

Langevine on Sunset on the Ashley River II

Langevine on Sunset on the Ashley River

Langevine on Shrimp boats on Shem Creek!

Langevine on Shem Creek Marsh

Langevine on It's All About Me!
oh génial cette prise par ce regard volé de l'oiseau en suivant un autre regard

Kent on Late Afternoon Sky
Great shot

L'angevine on Iced Stairs
cet effet est génial

Basile Pesso on Iced Stairs
Good rhythm !

L'angevine on Sunset on the River

Basile Pesso on Sunset on the River
Excellent frame's partition and magnificent sky.

omid on Sunset on the River
woow! very nice shot with beautiful composition, clouds, colors & lighting! Amazing!

L'angevine on Brittle Bank Sunset
intéressante perspective

omid on Brittle Bank Sunset
wooooooow! very nice shot with beautiful frame, perspective, clouds, colors & lighting!

Basile Pesso on Brittle Bank Sunset
Yes, is see it :-)

Basile Pesso on Brittle Bank Sunset
Splendid !

omid on Joy of Pluff Mud
very nice shot with beautiful composition, lighting & textures! Amazing!

Basile Pesso on Joy of Pluff Mud
The circle on the foreground is the thing that brings an extra strength to this very good composition, in my opinion. ...

L'angevine on Fountain Spray
j'aime bien en bas les extrémités

L'angevine on Watery Abstraction
d'intéressants tons et textures

Basile Pesso on Watery Abstraction
This composition is superbly clever...!

Moridi on Watery Abstraction
Very good capture. Superb.

L'angevine on To The Sea
eh oui profitons de cet air pur

mary on Homes along the Shore
nice shot

Tony Duque on Vastness
A wonderful shot, Matrixity... and well spoken truths, to boot. Thanks for sharing!

christine on Friday Sunset!
Lovely sunset, the light behind the clouds is beautiful.

Chetan on Final Supermoon
Supermoon indeed!!. lovely capture.

omid on Moonlight Redux
wooow! very nice & amazing! so beautiful lights!

nafisa on Moonlight

Dixie on Supermoon 2013 Redux
Fantastic, ***** stars well done Bart

omid on Supermoon 2013
woooooooooooooow! very nice & wonderful! so so beautiful colors & lights! L O V E L Y !!!!

Basile Pesso on Supermoon 2013
Very good.

Soheil on Greenway
Amazing and so well captured

Dimitrios on Driftwood on the Beach!
cool frame

L'angevine on Glorius Sunset

destani on Glorius Sunset
Excellent shot ! Beautiful light and colors ! Wonderful sky ! 5*****

Akbar&Armaghan on Glorius Sunset

mary on Bricks
nice shot

destani on Evening Time
Great shot ! very nice . 5*****

destani on Fire in the Sky
Excellent ! 5*****

L'angevine on Evening Trees

destani on Evening Trees
Gread shot! Wonderful image . 5*****

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